Coomacka Island: Take an Interactive Tour of the Mysterious Island Hidden in the Caribbean

Origin of Coomacka Island: Tales Told from the Heart of the Caribbean
Introducing "Coomacka Island," a brand new series of storybooks from the Caribbean.

  • Young children are drawn to the vivid pictures.
  • Older children find the stories fun to read and enjoy the educational value of learning new words and meaning behind the Swahili names.
  • Adults enjoy folk-tales based in a Caribbean setting and find the stories to be a unique way to motivate children to read.
Coomacka Island has a unique multicultural appeal, exposing the world to the joy of Afro-Caribbean stories.

Enjoy the first of many stories from Coomacka Island in

“The Story of Spider & Ant”


Lenox Lizard and the Kukumacka Duppy, Anansi Jr Spider and the Mango Truck
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